Filmisches Erzählen - Das Geheimnis von Bild und Ton (2023)
The combination of image and sound - it can sometimes be a little tricky.
This film is about the versatility of cinematic storytelling. As viewers, we often don't realize on how many levels audiovisual media communicates on. We will give you an introduction and tips on how you can use the interplay of images, sounds, music and narrative voices to convey interesting content and stories. 
During the project I was responsible for the conception and frame-by-frame realizations of the animation part. During the shooting I also took part as camera woman. 
League of Legends - Rise of the Champions (2019)
In spring 2019, five courageous players came together to face their opponents in an exciting match!
This is a film project created as part of university sports in cooperation with FilmLab of university of Münster. 
University sports at the University of Münster offers over 150 sports, and since 2019 e-sports is finally included!
In this project I was responsible for the conception and direction of the video. I could also gain some experiences on working with a camera and overall on the set.

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